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  • Bison Revenge Bison Revenge 3364 plays

    Buffalo boy after the escape from bear biscuit world over a period of time, he should carry out the revenge plan to destroy the world\’s sweets.

  • Italy Race Italy Race 7327 plays Now you can participate in one of the most challenging racing championships in Europe. This week your going to visit the most greatest places in Italy, were you will have to learn how to drive on the roads of Rome and Milan. You will also see a lot of great sculptures and other landmarks from Italy. Enjoy!
  • Naughty Teacher Naughty Teacher 2941 plays

    Get attracted. And distracted at the same time!

  • Crazy Fruits Killer Crazy Fruits Killer 3768 plays

    Crazy Fruits Killer is that kind of game that will addict you to it from the very first round. The fruits in this game represent the summer's flavors and your mission is to cut them all in order to make a fresh fruits salad. You don't need that kind of mess in your kitchen that's why you can have this magical place where you can cut its using your imagination. Pretend you are a ninja killer and throw your knives in the air but make sure you touch the fresh fruits. Watch out because someone is throwing bombs in the air and you have to protect yourself from its. If you drop one of more fruits your life will decrease and soon the game will be over for you. Don't let any fruits to make you loose the game because you can do this. You are skilled so there is no game you can't win! This game was made for boys and girls who like strategy and puzzle games because it will keep you up until you complete your target. Challenge yourself and count the minutes it takes for you to finish the game. Compete with yourself and try to beat your scores. We trust your secret ninja killer skills and we are sure that you will do better each time you play this platform.

  • Cupid Restaurant Cupid Restaurant 5770 plays Make the individuals to sit as couple, get the order and serve the foodstuff. Complete each day by converting lonely people into couple and by serving foodstuff before their waiting time exceeds.
  • Handy Manny Handy Manny 1460 plays

    Have fun dress up Handy Manny as he prepares to go out for repairs work.

  • Johnny Test Hidden Letter Johnny Test Hidden Letter 1920 plays

    Find all the hidden letters in these pictures of Johnny Test and other characters in the kids show from Cartoon Network, Johnny Test. Beat all five levels to beat the game. Every correct find will give you 50 points and every incorrect find will minus 15 points.

  • Lionel Messi Dressup Lionel Messi Dressup 3438 plays

    The football match tonight is going to be decisive for Lionel Messi's career, that's for sure! Besides a stunning performance on court, he would definitely need an amazing equipment, too, to dazzle his fans with! Put your fashion skills to work, playing the Lionel Messi dress up game, and picking out of all those sporty clothes and accessories and don't forget to finish off his football star look with a chic hairstyle, too!

  • Soccer Challenge Soccer Challenge 5240 plays Score at least 3 goals to move on the next level!
  • Laboratory Kiss Laboratory Kiss 9580 plays Kiss the girl but avoid not to caught by your Lab teacher.
  • Newspaper Boy 2 Newspaper Boy 2 2196 plays We now bring you the remake of the sequel classic game Newspaper Boy 2. The mischievous kid is back for some more carnage, throwing more dynamite and tnt through the neighborhood homes.
  • Bugs Bunny Coloring Bugs Bunny Coloring 3237 plays

    Paint your Bugs Bunny the way you wanted, pick the right colors to get the best result.

  • Nerd Makeover Nerd Makeover 5823 plays Fashion police needed! Turn the nerd into a cool dude and try to score more then 60 points to pass each levels. The game can be played as a guy or as a girl.
  • HT83 Wedding Dress Up game HT83 Wedding Dress Up game 28972 plays Make this girl become the prettiest bride ever on her big day!
  • Succession Boy Friends of Ms. Paris Hilton Succession Boy Friends of Ms. Paris Hilton 2853 plays Level 1 Paris Hilton ends her loneliness and has started dating Jared Leto. Help out the couple to kiss the other passionately, while riding in a roller-coaster without getting caught. Level 2 In the year of 2003, Paris Hilton started to go out with Deryck Whibley, a Canadian musician. Make Paris Hilton to kiss Deryck Whibley without getting caught. Level 3 This time, Paris Hilton is dating Paris Latsis, a Socialite. On the road, make them to kiss each other without getting caught. Level 4 Everything changes! And now it is Benji Madden. In the press meet, make Paris Hilton to kiss Benji Madden without inviting the photographer? attention. Level 5 Paris Hilton dating story continues! This time, it is with the American baseball player, Doug Reinhardt. Near the water fountain, make the couple kiss passionately without being noticed.
  • Groovy Hoops Groovy Hoops 10758 plays Far out, man! In the 70's, even basketballs had groovy colors!
  • Kiss in the Rain Kiss in the Rain 3030 plays The lovers got chance to meet on a rainy day and both feels it as the best time to kiss each other. Hold the umbrella to the young lovers to make them kiss each other. If anyone stares while lover kisses, hold the umbrella to staring person by which person will get diverted as otherwise you will lose a life. Fill the kissing loader within specified time duration in each level.
  • Sporty Car Parking Sporty Car Parking 1401 plays

    Your new sports car really rocks and you just can\’t wait to flaunt it in your neighborhood. So what stops you, just have a drive and make a swift and precise parking without crashing anywhere.

  • Angry Girlfriend Angry Girlfriend 6806 plays Avoid the angry people and try to hit them with your love missiles!
  • Frat Boy House Wars Frat Boy House Wars 3466 plays Adjust your angle and power to attack the other frat out. Can you take down all their players?
  • Buttercup Dress Up Buttercup Dress Up 1620 plays

    Dress up Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls, she is the toughest one in the group.Try to put together a lovely outfit for her from a wide range of selections of clothes, chains and hair accessories. Enjoy!

  • Nightmares The Adventure 5 Nightmares The Adventure 5 2999 plays This is the fifth part of little Victor's Nightmare Adventures. Again you will have to point and click through colorful screens and to figure out what to do.
  • The Incredibles Spot The Difference The Incredibles Spot The Difference 729 plays

    Look at two Finding The Incredibles pictures, they seem to be identical but they are not. Spot all six differences to advance to the next level.

  • Transmorpher 2 Transmorpher 2 1256 plays

    "Transmorpher 2" is a puzzle platformer game where you play as a shape-shifting creature.
    Explore an alien spaceship and absorb various creatures try to reach each exit and escape.
    You can use forms and abilities of absorbed creatures to pass various game levels, solve simple and interesting puzzles.

  • Racing Book in California Racing Book in California 1191 plays

    It is a splendid summer day and Jeremy is going downtown of California for a street race. He wants to compete to his best friends because he has just bought a brand hew monster car and he wants to test it here in this race. Help him not only get some fun but win the race in the same time!

  • Ben 10 Jungle Motobike Ben 10 Jungle Motobike 2677 plays

    Take Ben 10 takes his bike to the jungle for a new challenge. Help Ben 10 to maintain his balances and not to lose control while on a rough road!

  • Toys For Girls and Boys Toys For Girls and Boys 4698 plays Serve quickly all the boys and girls that come to your store to buy toys.
  • Bieber Cool Stills Puzzle Bieber Cool Stills Puzzle 2106 plays

    You have some four breathtaking stills of the ever cute Justin Beiber. But wait, you have to earn your glimpse of them all. Challenge the fast moving seconds with your swifter fingers and arrange the image pieces correctly to reward yourself with Justin Beiber melting looks.

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