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  • Nightmares The Adventures 4 The stolen Souvenir of Rob R Nightmares The Adventures 4 The stolen Souvenir of Rob R 5640 plays Help Victor face his fears in the Land of Nightmares so that his night become restful again.
  • Littlenjoy Couple Littlenjoy Couple 8821 plays Help get the most beautiful clothes.
  • Bull Rage Bull Rage 4431 plays

    Run with the bulls!

  • Dressup Keiji Dressup Keiji 3821 plays Choose a dress for this cool guy!
  • Goodgame Big Farm Goodgame Big Farm 10384 plays A large farm with many animals chickens, planting trees to help you relax your spare time. you create your own personal space filled with farm relaxed and jovial neighbors, friends ... you can take care of the animals, plants and harvested crop. special is that you can own the business products made ​​by you. Wish you success in games Goodgame big farm and your farm will succeed
  • Skateboard City Skateboard City 27669 plays Complete these missions and, in the world of skateboarding, you'll rule!
  • Hospital Lover Kissing Hospital Lover Kissing 12959 plays Even the hospital cant separate the two apart, they are just so in love!
  • Matt Lanter Dress Up Matt Lanter Dress Up 2245 plays If you watch the TV series Grey's Anatomy you definately know who Matt Lanter is. He's playing the role of Adam Singer who appeared in the episode The heart of the matter. He's a young and handsome boy and girls should probably know this guy very well. That's not the only movie he starred in and he's an appreciated actor. Dress him up for the show that is going on weekend.
  • Racing Truck Puzzle Racing Truck Puzzle 857 plays

    Start dragging pieces one by one to be successful in this puzzle entertaining game in which colorful race trucks are presented on the photos. Select from one of the normal or the hard level variation to play in. The normal selection, gives you 48 pieces, while the hard shuffles the puzzle into 108 pieces! Be careful as the time is running out. To control your game, you need to use your mouse. To move multiple pieces, use Ctrl+Left Click. So, select from the images and star off your play, you will get better with each effort. Entertain and relax yourself!

  • Mickey Mouse 6 Differences Mickey Mouse 6 Differences 1581 plays

    Compare two images and find 6 differences in this Mickey Mouse spot difference game. You will be rewarded 100 points for every correct click and you will lose 10 points for every incorrect.

  • HT83 Rihanna dress up game HT83 Rihanna dress up game 12973 plays Help Rihanna chose a great fashion for her big concert tonight. Choose her hair style, lipstick, piercings that will suit her best
  • Truck Differences 2 Truck Differences 2 771 plays

    This is a game in which your goal as a player will be to detect and point out all the differences from the two pictures given. To be even more precise on your goal in this game, there are five differences in the pictures and so, by using the controls on the mouse, you will have to press on the correct place and start locating the differences one by one. But, beware that by clicking the wrong location for a number of 5 times, your game will be lost and you will have to start all over from the beginning. And finally, it is important to mention that you are limited with time so that you will have to find all the differences within the time of 60 seconds! So, play this truck pictured game by detecting all the differences on the photos. A great game!

  • Lollipop Kingdom Lollipop Kingdom 10177 plays Lollipop kingdom is a beautiful island,there was paradise where children play fun,but now here has been seized by evil and horrible the king of octopus.It drives its minions to do bad things everywhere,inhabitants of the island suffer unspeakably.Fortunately, the legendary lollipop warrior in expectation of people.He will use lollipop as weapon and fight against the king of octopus and its minions.In order to expel the enemy completely,he must get through the difficulties destroy the enemy's lair.He will encounter numerous enemies along the way ,and the enemy will be more and more powerful.So the lollipop warrior also need buy more powerful equipment to improve his strength.For early recover the peace and joy of kingdom,courage to go forward!
  • Aladdin Dress Up Aladdin Dress Up 10562 plays Help Aladdin choose what to wear.
  • Army Vehicles Parking Army Vehicles Parking 1867 plays

    Army Vehicles Parking is a cool parking game featuring army vehicles such as: tanks, trucks, jeeps, armored vehicles. The General is on his way to visit your military base so you need to park the army vehicles in their place as soon as possible! There are 12 levels where you can practice your parking skills. Can you park all the vehicles before the General arrives at you base?

  • Big Beach Sports Big Beach Sports 4627 plays Get the right angle and power to get the frisbee to fly as far as possible as it bounces.
  • HT83 Drag Justin Secure dress up game HT83 Drag Justin Secure dress up game 16345 plays Here is your chance to dress up the cute new young star, Justin Bieber! He is only 16 years old but he has already signed a record deal and has released four successful pre-album singles including "One Time"!
  • Jump'n'Rolla Jump'n'Rolla 2584 plays The goal of the game is to jump Tog in the air, but don't hit down his head on the ground.
  • Lion Meat Catching Game Lion Meat Catching Game 2049 plays

    This lion is hungry and he is try to catch his lunch but he does not like peanuts.

  • Valentine's Date 2009 Valentine's  Date 2009 4875 plays Get the girl ready for their big valentine's date party.
  • Ol Booger Corral Ol Booger Corral 8013 plays The object of the game is to round up all of the farm animals before the sun goes down. You round them up by stretching and twisting Rancher Bill's Booger around them. Using the mouse, move the red x around the screen and Rancher Bill will run towards it. If you click your mouse button, Rancher Bill will begin stretching the booger. Move Rancher Bill around the field and click each time you want to make a new twist. Any farm animals inside the area get rounded up and you earn points for them. But if you catch any critters it wont be rounded up. Watch out for the twist and stretch or it will break up.
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Puzzle Mickey and Minnie Mouse Puzzle 991 plays

    This Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse game is a simple jigsaw puzzle interface. When the game begins, the entire image is shown so that you would have an idea of how the image should look like before you begin solving the puzzle. Once you are ready, click the "Shuffle" button at the bottom part of the screen. In the Easy mode, you are let off for a laid-back time. The puzzle only has 12 pieces shuffled for you to reassemble. There is a timer at the top to track your record. After finishing this mode, you proceed to the Medium mode, which has 48 pieces of jigsaw puzzle. The same game play rules apply, until you solve it and move on to the Hard mode, which now has a more challenging 108-pieced puzzle. The last level, the Expert mode is the most challenging available for the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse puzzle game. This level has 192 pieces of jigsaw puzzles that you have to reassemble. This is a fun game and a good learning tool for the toddlers at the same time. The Kids will enjoy the game because of the Mickey Mouse and the Minnie Mouse characters and the colorful graphic interface.

  • HT83 Wedding Dress Up game HT83 Wedding Dress Up game 28993 plays Make this girl become the prettiest bride ever on her big day!
  • Mermaid's Kiss Mermaid's Kiss 5919 plays You are a beautiful Mermaid with mind reading power. Kiss your boyfriend while you collect sea pearls from the shells!
  • Rihanna and Chris Rihanna and Chris 2502 plays Rihanna and Chris make a great couple. Now you can dress them both up.
  • Phineas And Ferb Spin Puzzle Phineas And Ferb Spin Puzzle 1604 plays

    Fix three pictures of the popular kids show from Disney, Phineas And Ferb. Fix the pictures by clicking on square tiles to spin each tile to their correct position. Fix all three pictures of the kids show, Phineas And Ferb, to win the game.

  • Giant Sushi Slide Giant Sushi Slide 5303 plays Use arrow keys to collect the fresh ingredients! Mind the sushi dishes,and don't get swept away!
  • Scooby-Doo Dress Up Scooby-Doo Dress Up 7892 plays Dress Up Scooby-Doo,Shaggy and Daphne.

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