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  • Mario Musketeers Mario Musketeers 891 plays

    Help Mario and Princess Peach kill all monsters, complete all levels.

  • Spiderman Dead Bike Spiderman Dead Bike 10093 plays Spiderman's job is to connect the walls with bridge to save the Bike by falling down and cover a great distance.
  • Perfect Groom Dress Up Perfect Groom Dress Up 18808 plays Perfect Groom Dress Up: Bring your Prince Charming fantasies into the real world and get this groom the perfect stylish wedding look to dazzle his dashing bride with beautiful wedding dresses.
  • Robot Shop Robot Shop 4787 plays

    Welcome in 2035! It's been a while since we last saw real people around. Now you arrive here and is our duty to introduce to you the news. After a great war on the planet earth many places war destroyed and plenty of robots came to replace the people who war working here. Since we saw the opportunity we open a robot shop and you have the chance to manage this shop for a day. Sell the pieces to the robots and help them work properly again.

  • Jonas Brothers Groupie Jonas Brothers Groupie 11171 plays Not only that she is one of Jonas Brothers' biggest fan, but she is one of the most stylish ones, too! Dress her up for one of their major concerts!
  • Brad Pitt Makeover Brad Pitt Makeover 9803 plays The famous Hollywood star, Brad Pitt, is starring in the Film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", and for this movie he needs some magic makeup and dress up in order for him to look great in the spot lights and other generated effects in the movie. In this Celebrity Make over game is your decision how should Brad look, so take care of his hair, dress up and add quick touch up of makeup for his latest film.
  • Throw A Kiss 2 Throw A Kiss 2 2642 plays Control the kiss and make it reach your sweetheart. Dodge all the obstacles in time. Bunch of levels
  • Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York (1992) Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York (1992) 14228 plays Emulated full version of Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York for SNES console (Super Nintendo).
  • Lovers Kiss Lovers Kiss 4941 plays Select the gender and kiss your lover who will be dressed in different costumes. Find out and kiss your lover among the other people who resemble your lover. attain the kissing target of 100 before the stipulated time gets over. If you kiss the wrong person,you will lose a life. Avoid kissing while other people stare as otherwise you will a life.
  • Devil Kisses Devil Kisses 12874 plays The devil girl lost her attractiveness and looks very scary. To retain her beauty, she transforms herself into a guy for specific time duration to kiss the cute girls. Make the guy to kiss the cute girls before he revert to original appearance. Remember! If angel stares while the guy kisses the girl, you will lose a life and if other stares while kiss, the kiss loader will get stopped. Fill the kiss loader with the sweet kisses before the given time ends.
  • Angelina and Brad Kissing Angelina and Brad Kissing 5768 plays Level 1: Make Brad Pitt kiss Angelina Jolie until the kissing status bar gets completed. But, while kissing each other, it should be done in a way such that the kids Zoharra and Maddox shouldn't notice the kissing action. If the kids notice the kissing action, the game gets over. Get more score by completing this level, and proceed to further levels. Level 2: In this level, while the romantic pair tries to go on a kissing spree, two more kids along with Zoharra and Maddox, Shiloh and Pax, get included. Without inviting the notice of these four kids, the romantic pair will have to complete the kissing action to reach further levels. Level 3: At this level, Ceon and Vivienne appear along with the four kids. This romantic pair will have to successfully complete the kissing action, in such a way that the action does not attract the attention of all these six kids. By doing this, the romantic pair will have to prove their love for each other.
  • Sneaky Kissing Sneaky Kissing 3567 plays These two lovebirds are really unlucky! There's always, I mean always, someone barging into their sweet kissing sessions! It's time for you to intervene and, in the name of true love, make sure our lovely couple here can have their romantic moments together without any intruders threatening to interrupt them any moment!
  • Naughty Boy-2 Naughty Boy-2 0 plays You\’ve proved ultimate naughtiness in first version of Naughty Boy!! This time you\’ve got new environments to do naughty things. Just enjoy being naughty to win the game.
  • Hero Kids Dress Up Hero Kids Dress Up 2687 plays

    Help this little hero kids find the perfect clothes that will give them the power to destroy any villain it will come in their way!

  • Alladin Dress Up Alladin Dress Up 6517 plays Help Alladin choose what to wear.
  • Jeremy Clarkson Dress Up Jeremy Clarkson Dress Up 8542 plays Since the beginning of the greatest Car magazine and TV-show, Top Gear, we had Jeremy Clarkson as our main host of the show. The show is very popular among men, teenagers and especially kids, I'm sure you had heard of it two. In this celebrity dress up game, you will have to take care of Jeremy's appearance, he is going to make a special show for this weekend, where he is going to present the public a new car model, Jeremy will test every car at the maximum power, the show is very cool, while he drives the car, ti will be taken a few photos of the car in action, so that people can see all the good and the bad parts, advantages and disadvantages of the car. But enough with the cars, let's get to the fashion and clothing stuff. I know you can't wait to put your creativity in.
  • Deliberate Room Escape Deliberate Room Escape 1024 plays

    After a tough week, your private room was all that you wanted. Now that you have rejuvenated yourself well enough, the stay was enough. The room is locked, but then you are smart. Ransack the room to collect objects and manipulate your way out.

  • Hollywood Hall Of Fame 5 Hollywood Hall Of Fame 5 18829 plays This is the fifth part of the Hollywood Hall of Fame series. In this part you can make up 3 famous stars named Bella Swan,Edward Cullen and Jacob Black of the top rated movie Twilight Saga . You can choose their clothes, hair, hair color, make up, accessories and also backgrounds.
  • Romantic Day Out Romantic Day Out 3032 plays On a beautiful spring morning you go for a ride on your bike with your boyfriend. It's so romantic to share a bike.
  • Tiger Woods Kissing Tiger Woods Kissing 3412 plays Tiger woods transgression!! Kissing is much more important than golf. Fill the kissing loader within given time duration.
  • Psychic Stunt Wagon Psychic Stunt Wagon 3496 plays Go down the hill with your skate sorting all kind of obstacles. Try to reach the finish line before the time finish.
  • Super Match Super Match 8725 plays Play this speed dating game and find a perfect match for the 6 single boys and girls.
  • Cool Guy Dressup Cool Guy Dressup 5719 plays He is cool and masculine. Choose different types of hairstyle and accessories for him.
  • New 10 Dress Up New 10 Dress Up 1017 plays

    Create your favorite super hero character Ben 10, try to mix and match clothes and accessories to match his personality, have fun with Ben 10.

  • Down Hill Dilly Down Hill Dilly 3134 plays You control Downhill Dilly down "Everslope Hill". Collect ballons for points and extra health. Be careful, baloons with brick will hurt you. Watch out for other obstacles too. Collect the checkpoint ballon to complete the first two levels and the magic Rainbow balloon to win the game.
  • London Kick Ups London Kick Ups 2555 plays

    How many Kick Ups can you make?

  • Toys For Girls and Boys Toys For Girls and Boys 4702 plays Serve quickly all the boys and girls that come to your store to buy toys.
  • Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Trainer 3542 plays Cool pokemon trainer with a ton of clothes and colors to choose from.

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