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  • Kiss in the Rain Kiss in the Rain 3030 plays The lovers got chance to meet on a rainy day and both feels it as the best time to kiss each other. Hold the umbrella to the young lovers to make them kiss each other. If anyone stares while lover kisses, hold the umbrella to staring person by which person will get diverted as otherwise you will lose a life. Fill the kissing loader within specified time duration in each level.
  • Phineas And Ferb Spin Puzzle Phineas And Ferb Spin Puzzle 1602 plays

    Fix three pictures of the popular kids show from Disney, Phineas And Ferb. Fix the pictures by clicking on square tiles to spin each tile to their correct position. Fix all three pictures of the kids show, Phineas And Ferb, to win the game.

  • Potion Bar Potion Bar 2739 plays Manage your potion bar as you create potions and serve them up to customers. Don't make them wait!
  • Kiss The Lover Kiss The Lover 12624 plays Select the gender and kiss your lover who will be dressed in different costumes. Find out and kiss your lover among the other people who resemble your lover. Attain the kissing target of 100 before the stipulated time gets over. If you kiss the wrong person, you will lose a life. Avoid kissing while other people stare as otherwise you will a life.
  • Maze Game - Game Play 5 Maze Game - Game Play 5 4220 plays Help the boy to reach his friend.
  • Park Kiss Park Kiss 7087 plays Kiss your girl while at the park. Don't get caught by people beside you.
  • Love Tetris Love Tetris 3867 plays Match 3 or 4 of the same faces to eliminate them!
  • Soccer Challenge Soccer Challenge 5240 plays Score at least 3 goals to move on the next level!
  • Dress To Rock Game Dress To Rock Game 3816 plays The dress-up game with an edge. Let's get ready to Rock!!!
  • Bugs Bunny Dress Up Game Bugs Bunny Dress Up Game 2336 plays

    Design the perfect look for this Bugs Bunny with different type of hats,sun glasses and clothes.

  • Mall Kissing And Makeout Mall Kissing And Makeout 7907 plays These to EMO style kids are deeply in love and don't mind performing public displays of affection for each other. The only problem is the other people are not too fond of public affection. Help these two kids kiss in public without anyone spotting them.
  • Suitcase Sling Suitcase Sling 5959 plays A game of catching and throwing. Play as Broseph who throw the suitcase or Wipeout that catches it using the cart.
  • Hospital Lover Kissing Hospital Lover Kissing 12954 plays Even the hospital cant separate the two apart, they are just so in love!
  • Ben Girlfriend on ATV Ben Girlfriend on ATV 1938 plays

    Who could ever imagine that Ben is gonna love a girl so much? Well, is is deep in love and he wants to impress his girlfriend in a big style. Help him take his girl on an ATV racing around this racing field. Stay with them and guide them to the finish line without any kind of problems. Speed the obstacles, keep your balance, drive safety!

  • Aladdin and Jasmine Aladdin and Jasmine 3385 plays

    Find all the hidden icon the lamps in this image of Aladdin and princess Jasmine.

  • Italy Race Italy Race 7327 plays Now you can participate in one of the most challenging racing championships in Europe. This week your going to visit the most greatest places in Italy, were you will have to learn how to drive on the roads of Rome and Milan. You will also see a lot of great sculptures and other landmarks from Italy. Enjoy!
  • Kiss The Bride Game Kiss The Bride Game 4997 plays Help this daring secret boyfriend steal sweet kisses from this lovely bride without getting caught by any of those nosy guests wandering around them!
  • Space Boy Dress Up Game Space Boy Dress Up Game 2957 plays This is your chance to play in space. Find a nice space suit for this boy. Make sure he leaves a great impression with the aliens he might encounter on his journey
  • Learning Math 3 Learning Math 3 1885 plays

    Test out your math skills by answer 20 questions of this game with many different equations. It's included Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math. At the end of the game, you will be give a grade of your test. Good lucky and have fun.

  • Skateboard City Skateboard City 27663 plays Complete these missions and, in the world of skateboarding, you'll rule!
  • Hiding n Kissing Hiding n Kissing 3036 plays Kiss your partner but be careful so that you don't get caught by the people nearby you.
  • Charger Police Car Jigsaw Charger Police Car Jigsaw 3178 plays

    Charger Police Car is jigsaw puzzle game where you can show your skills at these kinds of games. According to your expertise you can choose various levels, and you will move on to the gaming screen where you will find shuffled and shattered pieces of Charger police car.

  • Zac Efron and Lucas Till Zac Efron and Lucas Till 4501 plays Zac Efron and Lucas Till are both successful actors. Today they are invited to a television show and they have to look their best. Dress them up, choose their hair styles and accessories.
  • Boys Fight for Girl Boys Fight for Girl 3122 plays

    Do you ever fight for a girl? In this game you need to beat your enemy to get a kiss from her. You choose your character and fight with another person. You need to defeat him. Good Luck!

  • Kiss in Park Kiss in Park 3152 plays At the public park, make the young guy to kiss his girlfriend, who is accompanied by her dad. Remember! Make the guy to kiss without getting noticed, as otherwise you will lose the game.
  • Camp Kissing Camp Kissing 3565 plays You are alone with your school sweetheart and you get the chance to kiss just as you dreamed about in class. Be careful not to be seen by other colleagues or teacher, or you'll be sent back home.
  • Beach Boy Beach Boy 17623 plays Your goal is to shoot down the bird and get the lollipop.
  • Face-Off Cube 2 Face-Off Cube  2 2649 plays

    Finish the cube in the limited time

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