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  • Lover Kiss Lover Kiss 3437 plays Select the gender and kiss your lover who will be dressed in different costumes. Find out and kiss your lover among the other people who resemble your lover. attain the kissing target of 100 before the stipulated time gets over. If you kiss the wrong person,you will lose a life. Avoid kissing while other people stare as otherwise you will a life.
  • Naruto Dressup Naruto Dressup 5108 plays Do you like the Naruto show? Have fun dressing up this fabled Anime character.
  • Movie Date Movie Date 6639 plays It’s time for a date to the movies and the dolls need your help getting glammed up. Dress up a boy and girl for a fun night out with our movie date dress-up game. The perfect style is important so they need your help with their fashion selections.
  • Little Boy Little Adventure 2 Little Boy Little Adventure 2 3226 plays Dodge the enemies carrying burning logs, slice off the heads of single enemies.
  • Scooby-Doo Dress Up Scooby-Doo Dress Up 8192 plays Dress Up Scooby-Doo,Shaggy and Daphne.
  • Giant Sushi Slide Giant Sushi Slide 5802 plays Use arrow keys to collect the fresh ingredients! Mind the sushi dishes,and don't get swept away!
  • Princess Bride The Fire Swamp Princess Bride The Fire Swamp 0 plays Rodents of Unusual Size are the least of your worries in the Fire Swamp.
  • Stink Loader Stink Loader 6105 plays This game's main idea is quite similar to Boys vs. Girls. You choose boys' or girls' team and need to fight the members of the opposite sex. However, this is not a side-scroller, but rather a skill based shooter. You need to collect different items and launch them defining the power and the angle the way they will hit the enemies. In the boys' game the items are dirty socks and other disgusting objects, while girls' projectiles are exclusively feminine.
  • Jake And Neytiri In Perfect Harmony Jake And Neytiri In Perfect Harmony 3477 plays Help Jake and Neytiri sneak in as many kisses as possible whilst all of the people are not looking. Be warned as you don't want to be caught by anyone at the moment.
  • Inuyasha Dress Up Inuyasha Dress Up 4624 plays Kagome has taken Inuyasha shopping! help her pick out the perfect outfit for him!
  • Winx Club Couples Winx Club Couples 7681 plays Get ready to step into the colorful fantasy world and meet the sweetest cartoon couple: Winx Couple! They are waiting for a super talented stylista to change their ordinary looks with an unique and super original one. Show off your fashion skills by selecting and pairing some funky outfits, then looking for the perfect hairstyles and some matching shoes. Enjoy your fantastic staying in this glittery cartoon world!
  • Hollywood Hall Of Fame 5 Hollywood Hall Of Fame 5 19747 plays This is the fifth part of the Hollywood Hall of Fame series. In this part you can make up 3 famous stars named Bella Swan,Edward Cullen and Jacob Black of the top rated movie Twilight Saga . You can choose their clothes, hair, hair color, make up, accessories and also backgrounds.
  • A Dream Boy Puzzle Game A Dream Boy Puzzle Game 9968 plays This boy wearing cool color dresses in him dream. Make come true him dream with tiles.
  • Smurfs Tic-Tac-Toe Smurfs Tic-Tac-Toe 7107 plays Classic Tic-Tac-Toe game with The Smurfs. Play with the computer or against a friend.
  • Kim Possible Drakkens Lair Kim Possible Drakkens Lair 2217 plays Dr. Drakken is plotting to take the world starting with middleton. Team Possible infiltrate his secret to foil his evil plans.
  • London Kick Ups London Kick Ups 3169 plays

    How many Kick Ups can you make?

  • Euro Style Euro Style 5263 plays This is what Euro guys fashion statement.
  • Kiss in the Rain Kiss in the Rain 3204 plays The lovers got chance to meet on a rainy day and both feels it as the best time to kiss each other. Hold the umbrella to the young lovers to make them kiss each other. If anyone stares while lover kisses, hold the umbrella to staring person by which person will get diverted as otherwise you will lose a life. Fill the kissing loader within specified time duration in each level.
  • Superman Dressup Game Superman Dressup Game 2182 plays

    Have fun customize this famous superhero Superman with a wide selection of accessories. So he could goes out and kick some bad guys.

  • Love Triangle Love Triangle 6868 plays she got your guy. Now you get your revenge. Break them up and get him for yourself!
  • Last Year's Left Over Last Year's Left Over 5385 plays The food has gone bad. Stomp on it before you start puking!
  • Summer Beach Swimsuits couple Summer Beach Swimsuits couple 8727 plays I want to see how well you do with designing a outfit for going to the beach.Make a design for the swimsuit.
  • Last Years Left Over Last Years Left Over 0 plays The food has gone bad. Stomp on it before you start puking!
  • Dressup Devilboy Dressup Devilboy 3499 plays Find the most evil look for Devilboy. Click the flying demon to get him out of the way and then click on the gargoyles to sort through the different options for Devilboy. Use your mouse to drag the extra accessories onto him.
  • Cheerleader First Kiss Cheerleader First Kiss 4982 plays A young guy is practicing for a football game and during a time out, a cheerleader who is in complete love with him asks him to kiss her. He of course agrees because she is his type of girl. Be really careful to not be caught by his coach because he will not be really happy about that.
  • Rockstars Dress Up Rockstars Dress Up 4593 plays This couple is about to hit the stage for a huge concert. Decide what kind of look they'll have with all of the choices they have.
  • Tom's Adventure III Tom's Adventure III 4153 plays This is a nice platform game. Collect flowers for the girl but avoid his overprotective father and his dog, They are out to stop you.
  • Soft Drinks Service Soft Drinks Service 6661 plays Serve soft drinks at your customers.

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