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  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Puzzle Mickey and Minnie Mouse Puzzle 991 plays

    This Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse game is a simple jigsaw puzzle interface. When the game begins, the entire image is shown so that you would have an idea of how the image should look like before you begin solving the puzzle. Once you are ready, click the "Shuffle" button at the bottom part of the screen. In the Easy mode, you are let off for a laid-back time. The puzzle only has 12 pieces shuffled for you to reassemble. There is a timer at the top to track your record. After finishing this mode, you proceed to the Medium mode, which has 48 pieces of jigsaw puzzle. The same game play rules apply, until you solve it and move on to the Hard mode, which now has a more challenging 108-pieced puzzle. The last level, the Expert mode is the most challenging available for the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse puzzle game. This level has 192 pieces of jigsaw puzzles that you have to reassemble. This is a fun game and a good learning tool for the toddlers at the same time. The Kids will enjoy the game because of the Mickey Mouse and the Minnie Mouse characters and the colorful graphic interface.

  • Town of Thieves Town of Thieves 2794 plays

    Once upon a time their was a place called town of thieves. Thieves use to rob the villages and get all the treasure and keep in their town. Once when they robbed the village they got a huge treasure from that village. Then the sheriff of that village decides to fight with the thieves and get back their treasure so he enters the Town Of Thieves.

  • Hang Tight Hang Tight 6203 plays Move your team through the obstacle course without letting the rope between them break. Keep close!
  • Love Story Love Story 4368 plays Take turns with the beloved one to pluck petals from the flower.The one who plucks the last petal wins.Each time, you can select one or two neighboring petals from the flower.To win beloved one's heart, you have to succeed in the game as otherwise your beloved one will go with someone else.
  • Park Kiss Park Kiss 7087 plays Kiss your girl while at the park. Don't get caught by people beside you.
  • Ontsnap Ontsnap 2686 plays Choose your favorite character and enjoy this fantastic platforms game. But beware of the smurfs and teletubbies. They aren't good here
  • Jeremy Clarkson Dress Up Jeremy Clarkson Dress Up 8532 plays Since the beginning of the greatest Car magazine and TV-show, Top Gear, we had Jeremy Clarkson as our main host of the show. The show is very popular among men, teenagers and especially kids, I'm sure you had heard of it two. In this celebrity dress up game, you will have to take care of Jeremy's appearance, he is going to make a special show for this weekend, where he is going to present the public a new car model, Jeremy will test every car at the maximum power, the show is very cool, while he drives the car, ti will be taken a few photos of the car in action, so that people can see all the good and the bad parts, advantages and disadvantages of the car. But enough with the cars, let's get to the fashion and clothing stuff. I know you can't wait to put your creativity in.
  • Lovers Day Kiss Lovers Day Kiss 2940 plays Be Cupid at lover\’s day party!! Try your hand at kiss making by shooting the couples with love arrows to make them kiss each other endlessly.
  • Space Boy Dress Up Space Boy Dress Up 2761 plays This guy is an astronaut and lives in a space station. Although he has no friends or a girlfriend, he likes to dress well.
  • Gangsta Style Gangsta Style 4367 plays This is how gangsta really roll.
  • Kiss On Dancing Kiss On Dancing 13330 plays Make a kiss on a tango dancing floor and fill the kiss loader within time duration in each level. If the other dancing couple notices while kissing they will kick you off. You have three lives in each level. Have a fun kiss on dancing.
  • Lovers Kiss Lovers Kiss 4940 plays Select the gender and kiss your lover who will be dressed in different costumes. Find out and kiss your lover among the other people who resemble your lover. attain the kissing target of 100 before the stipulated time gets over. If you kiss the wrong person,you will lose a life. Avoid kissing while other people stare as otherwise you will a life.
  • Ben 10 ATV Jungle Rush Ben 10 ATV Jungle Rush 3024 plays

    Help Ben 10 drives his ATV truck through difficult courses in the jungle to reach the finish line.

  • Snow White Coloring Game Snow White Coloring Game 1021 plays

    Color up Snow White in this very cool coloring game for kids. Choose from a wide range of colors to give these two lovable characters some life. Enjoy!

  • Makeover Designer Makeover Designer 4440 plays Choose a new face, design new clothes, and dress your girl, boy, or cat model in this fun makeover game!

    Dress Up: Use your mouse to pick clothes from the drawer to dress up one of the models.
    Make Over Face: Pick a face and hairstyle, or let the game pick a random face for you!
    Design: Create your own clothes and make your own patterns.
    Print: Print your creation to save or show to others.
  • Basketball Gozar Basketball Gozar 2571 plays

    Basketball Gozar(fun) is simple yet addicting game with 50 challenging levels. Select exact power and angle to get the ball into the basket. Mouse distance will decide the power and mouse position will decide the angle of ball.

  • Racing Truck Puzzle Racing Truck Puzzle 855 plays

    Start dragging pieces one by one to be successful in this puzzle entertaining game in which colorful race trucks are presented on the photos. Select from one of the normal or the hard level variation to play in. The normal selection, gives you 48 pieces, while the hard shuffles the puzzle into 108 pieces! Be careful as the time is running out. To control your game, you need to use your mouse. To move multiple pieces, use Ctrl+Left Click. So, select from the images and star off your play, you will get better with each effort. Entertain and relax yourself!

  • Twilight Kisses Twilight Kisses 2913 plays Make Edward to kiss Bella as well as fight with villains to save his love life.
  • Bieber Cool Stills Puzzle Bieber Cool Stills Puzzle 2106 plays

    You have some four breathtaking stills of the ever cute Justin Beiber. But wait, you have to earn your glimpse of them all. Challenge the fast moving seconds with your swifter fingers and arrange the image pieces correctly to reward yourself with Justin Beiber melting looks.

  • Toys For Girls and Boys Toys For Girls and Boys 4698 plays Serve quickly all the boys and girls that come to your store to buy toys.
  • Spring Fairy Couple Spring Fairy Couple 4128 plays Choose a nice dresses for this cute spring fairy couple.
  • Parking Battle of The Sexes Parking Battle of The Sexes 7200 plays Park your car over 3 levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Mickey Mouse Sliding Puzzle Game Mickey Mouse Sliding Puzzle Game 1005 plays

    Try to put this picture of Mickey Mouse together by clicking on a puzzle piece to slide it to the empty space.

  • Craze Rush Craze Rush 7702 plays Serve quickly to your clients on you exclusive fashion boutique. Use the mouse to go with them to the free seats and choose the clothe they want.
  • Taylor Swift Kiss Taylor Lautner Taylor Swift Kiss Taylor Lautner 2811 plays Help Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift kiss each other without being seen in this free online game!
  • Spiderman Bike Challenge Game Spiderman Bike Challenge Game 972 plays

    In this fun game driving games, Help Spiderman avoid the obstacles and get to the finish line in the less time as possible.

  • The Incredibles Spot The Difference The Incredibles Spot The Difference 729 plays

    Look at two Finding The Incredibles pictures, they seem to be identical but they are not. Spot all six differences to advance to the next level.

  • Love Story Game Love Story Game 9974 plays Help the cute couple find the hidden numbers and complete their Love Story.

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